Our Testimonials

Anna has been my go to physio for over five years. She has advised me on treatment for knee, hip, wrist and back issues and she is thorough, efficient and professional. I have no hesitation in in highly recommending her

Malcolm Peattie

Helping me with some post orthopaedic surgery problems. already feeling better after helpful and professional advice and treatment that actually worked

Sarah Nelmes

I had no idea what a difference Physiotherapy could make to my life. I’m delighted

Jo R.

I have been seeing Anna since February for neck and shoulder issues. Anna is extremely knowledgeable and very calm in her approach. Since seeing Anna and following her guidance I am no longer in pain and my mobility has improved greatly. If you need a physio I highly recommend Anna.

Salma Histon

I have been seeing Anna at Kingsfield Physiotherapy for what must be the last 6 years or so. Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in everything she does be it sports injuries or general day to day issues hence why I have always kept coming back for various small and big injuries from my active job and lifestyle. Anna takes the time to understand you as a person and your lifestyle and how your body works/moves rather than just prescribe generic short-term fixes. Couldn't recommend the practice highly enough and has not only helped me physically but also educated me too.

Mikey Pearce

I've been going to Kingsfield for treatment on a sports injury. Anna has been great at both the physio treatments as well as in providing a lot of info on the causes, prevention and recommended exercises to aid recovery. I couldn't recommend Anna more; a top, top physiotherapist

Karl Jansen

I went to this practice as I was having problems with my neck on my 4th visit the physio told me she thought I had Dystonia and I need to see my GP. After a referral to a neurologist I was told I had Dystonia. I recommend this place as they are not after money but genuinely want to help

Caroline Keen

Excellent care and attention for my road to recovery. Matt was my guy and very attentive. Would whole-heartedly recommend

Joel Wood

I visited Anna after suffering with my knee for over 2 years and to be honest I was in great doubt that anything could be done. However Anna with her magical powers noticed that it was linked to my back and after a few sessions my knee already better if not fixed. Since then I have been visiting Anna for regular maintenance as I have Cerebral Palsy. Anna also introduced me to the powers of acupuncture even though I didn't like needles. Since then I have recommended Anna to family and friends!

Shaz Hossain

I went to see Anna via the NHS when I was diagnosed with a trap nerve in my shoulder and with the help of Anna and acupuncture it was completely fixed within the timescale of appointments we had. I could not believe the difference and am very grateful to her for her knowledge and enthusiasm of wanting my painful issue resolved. I cannot recommend Anna enough!

C Sobey-Smith

I have visited Anna McCann at Kingsfield Practise several times over the years with back problems. Not only does Anna address the issue, she also provides an insight into how problems are caused, the biology of the body and how one minor issue can cause major problems. Anna always provides immediate relief, for me this has been through acupuncture. I have always come away educated, with exercises to follow at home and a spring in my step! I have no hesitation in recommending her to family and friends.

Helen Nicell

I have been going to see Anna since 2006 and am continuously impressed by the attention to detail and highly accurate level of care. Anna spends time to fully assess the issue and thoroughly explain the course of treatment. I would look nowhere else for a physiotherapist and happily recommend Anna to all of my friends and family.

Simon Bath

I had a horrible pounding headache, that was making me feel so ill I was about to go home from the course I was on last week. Thankfully, a fellow learner also happens to be a witch (the good kind that magic away your horrible headache, just by pressing your hand - in the right place and in the right way) so I felt amazing for the rest of the day. Just wanted to share my thanks. I will definitely head to KCP when I need the magic hands of Anna McCann again.

Laura Martin

Over the years of running multiple marathons, I have picked up a few injuries to say the least. Anna at Kingsfield Physio has literally worked miracles putting me back together. I completely commend her professional treatment, support, advice and detailed structured plan to follow at home. I had an incident once whilst running where my calf completely cramped up. Fortunately it was a short distance from the practice. Anna took me in, gave my acupuncture and I left a happy runner. That’s exactly what you need from your physio, trust and reassurance and road to recovery. Cannot recommend enough! And I’m still running multiple marathons at 52 !

Shelly Trigg

A big shout out for the Kingsfield Centre! I have known Anna McCann for over 15 years. During that time she has treated my injured shoulder and helped me recover from a broken back. She has been fantastic, a true professional with wonderful empathy. She not only treats the injury but also rehabilitates you back to full fitness. She provides a programme of exercises to do at home and her explanations on how to do them correctly are very simple to follow. The fees are very reasonable and excellent value for money.


I've been treated at the Kingsfield Centre for various back and shoulder sports injuries over the years and in every case Anna has got me back to full fitness. Very professional, an expert in her field, explains her diagnosis and the treatment plan clearly and has always put me at ease. Highly recommended.


I am so pleased to have been recommended to the centre. Incredibly friendly and profesional. Anna, my physio is superb. Very experienced and easy to approach. My last treatment on a painful wrist, needed only one session. Plus a valuable advise on exercises. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of physio treatment.

A Kennedy

I have been so lucky to see Anna for various reasons with a range of treatments at Kingsfield Centre for Physiotherapy for years. Her professionalism and knowledge is astounding and her warmth and kindness is truly ‘second to none’. My husband (HM Forces) suffered injuries in the line of duty and under Anna’s care, post treatment he was even more mobile than before! We couldn’t recommend her more, she never fails to hit the spot! If I could bottle Anna’s magic to take a bit with me every day… I would!

Katherine C

Been going there for a long time and I have no hesitation in recommending the professional and friendly attention that you get as a matter of course.

Kamal S

I have a chronic back condition and have been going to see Anna McCann as my physio for over 20 years. Anna offers a range of treatments including acupuncture, shortwave and cupping therapies, as well as stretching programmes for different injuries and problems, all of which have helped improve my mobility issues over the years. She is highly knowledgeable about orthopaedic and muscular conditions and is always up-to-date on the latest therapies. Anna is one of the best in the business and I highly recommend Kingsfield as the best physio centre in the area.

David Wright

I have attended Kingsfield Centre for Physiotherapy for help with joint conditions/pain management over more than 10 years. In that time, I have always received assessment, treatment and self-help advice that is friendly, individually tailored, thorough and effective. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone needing help with physical injuries or conditions. You will receive caring and professional attention in a dedicated environment that is safe and confidential.

Penny Marriott

I suffer from chronic back pain with almost continual 'acute-on-chronic' pain in my shoulders and neck. Anna was recommended to me by my pain psychotherapist. Through an holistic approach utilising the formidable set of tools in her armoire - as detailed in other testimonials here - Anna helps me on a weekly basis to treat whichever symptoms I present with on the day as well as discussing what she perceives to be the underlying 'culprit' and helps me with strategies to deal with the issue(s) going forward. Her detailed analysis continues to not supplement the medications and interventions performed by my pain doctor, and she also provides me with language to be able to communicate my health issues to my wider medical team accurately, which is, frankly, priceless. Anna also has incredible empathy and a wicked sense of humour, and I simply cannot recommend her, or her colleagues at Kingsfield Physiotherapy, enough to do this excellent practice justice.

R.E. Smart