Patient stretching back on a Pilates ball

Physiotherapy informed Pilates is a great way to exercise if you are recovering from an injury or living with a chronic condition such as back pain or arthritis. Exercises are holistic, functional and modified to optimise effect and prevent any flare up in your condition.

The APPI approach is

"a ground-breaking approach led to the development of the step-by-step program of APPI. Every Pilates exercise was analysed on its effectiveness for a client that had suffered an injury. Modifications were made, and a unique exercise-level approach developed to allow a client to be trained correctly from an injured state to a fully fit, functional and efficient state. This allowed Pilates to be used by health and fitness professionals alike to empower clients to be able to embrace Pilates from any fitness level. This step-by-step approach led to the APPI Pilates Method becoming one of the most popular forms of rehabilitation training in the healthcare sector."

APPI, 2022