Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

Tania Clarke

We can't separate our heads from our bodies, what happens in one will affect the other, even if, very often, we don't notice or can't feel it.

It's often helpful for my clients when I explain simply, the biology underpinning their issues, this helps them realise it's not their fault, it's just biology. They can use this information to achieve the deep lasting change they want to achieve. I integrate styles and therapies to adapt to my client, providing a safe space for them.

I help people who have experienced traumatic incidents, developmental trauma or neglectful experiences (I'm trauma informed).

I help people who experience difficulties with relationships past and present (I help with attachment issues).

I help people who have difficulties with feelings and sensations (I help people integrate body and mind).

I help those whose minds seem to get in the way of what they want to do (I use coaching like CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

My family background includes issues of gender and sexuality so I'm LGBTQ friendly.

There are some quick fixes which are great for some people. For others, permanent change that feels right and takes little effort to keep going might take longer. I help people to understand who they are and how to be the person they want to be. My goal is to help my clients achieve the change they want in their lives.

Some people like a coaching style or cognitive methods, others want deep hypnosis or more somatic therapies. Adjusting flexibly, responding to client needs, I often use the structure of Penny Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) which is amazing for trauma and neglect. My somatic, embodiment work is based on Deirdre Fay's Becoming Safely Embodied and Transformational Model. For developmental trauma I have Steve Terrell's Transforming the Experience Based Brain (TEB). I integrate other therapies/methods as appropriate for each client. I use cognitive coaching, Internal Family Systems (IFS) and hypnoanalysis. All is underpinned by evidence based research coupled with understanding and compassion.

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