Reflexologist treating patient

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and works well as part of an overall approach to wellbeing.

During the start of your first treatment, you will have a brief chat about your reasons for having reflexology. It may be for general relaxation and wellbeing, to boost your mood or sleep, or you may have a particular issue you would like to address.

While you lie back and relax, the reflexologist will apply gentle but firm pressure to all areas of the feet. Working on reflex zones across both feet encourages energy to move more freely along different pathways in the body, leading to balance and healing.

Please keep in mind the following:

Treatment cannot be provided if you have a skin condition on either foot (Such as verruca, athlete's foot, fungal infection, etc) or if you have a severe/painful foot condition or injury. Please also consult your doctor before booking a session if you have a chronic condition.

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